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4 Pandemic Purchases I Love A Year Later — & 3 I Regret

Instagram will have you believe I am one of those insufferable Pollyannas who actually picked up some new skills during the pandemic instead of just languishing in existential dread. I did not tell my followers just how much time I spent buring my emotions in a ThredUp scroll. All I do know is that this weird coping mechanism is responsible for many of the items on this list of the best and worst things I bought during the pandemic.

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A Room-By-Room Guide To Cleaning Every Filthy Thing In Your Home

Now that I’m about to turn thirty, I’ve learned enough about keeping a home clean that I feel entitled to pass on my knowledge to the next generation of grown-ups. Let’s take it room by room. Just do yourself a favor and buy some good rubber gloves first. It really does make this whole process much more palatable.

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